Tuesday, 20 February 2018

ALCORs Growth Solutions for Business Helps Corporate Companies in the Areas of Investment Banking, M&A, Private Equity and Corporate Finance.

ALCOR provides a one-stop solution in Investment Banking with world-class corporations and companies as its clientele. ALCOR expertise spans the spectrum of finance - Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Financing, Debt Financing, ECB, Financial restructuring, and investment banking advisory. ALCOR has footprints across the globe and an extensive presence in India with over 48 regional offices. ALCOR serves a wide cross-section of verticals, some of which are the following: Automotive, Power, Telecom, Electronics, Software, Real Estate, and Education.
True to its global stature as a leader, ALCOR's business philosophy is driven by highest levels of integrity and honesty at the heart of business. ALCOR obeys and complies with the rules of the land. ALCOR’s erudite Directors are from Harvard, Oxford and other prestigious institutions. The execution Team comprises of internationally reputed and highly experienced finance personnel.
ALCOR leverages its strong global footprint and the value of its international board of advisors to provide its clients with high growth transactions across the globe. We use our international deal-making experience to deliver customized advice to clients on each transaction. We assist clients in evaluating international and domestic Acquisitions and Joint Ventures. Global Fortune 500 companies work with ALCOR to assess suitable targets across the globe for market entry or market share expansion. ALCOR solutions include Mergers & Acquisitions, sell side, & buy side advisory, leveraged buyouts & other types of corporate restructuring. Standing aloft with over a 100 man-years in cross-border M&A advisory & independent research & experience, ALCOR, delivers maximum value from their transactions. ALCOR understands the clients' unique business needs, keeping their objectives a top priority. We work with our clients closely, often over five years, to help the client realize the value of their value creation strategy. ALCOR's wide range of product offerings are tailor-made to suit client growth requirements
ALCOR worldwide team allows for targeted search, scenario mapping, synergy realization, and detailed road map with experience-driven cross-border M&A advisory that can be customized with minority buy-in, acquisitions, or even a 50:50 joint venture.
ALCOR uses strategic tools such as the Balanced Scorecard with tailored precision to define the following -
  • Core defense
  • Global customer revenue model
  • Strategic high growth market entry.
  • 360-degree growth model
  • Intangible value proposition .Core foundation pillars
  • Evolved value chain integration.Low cost global value partnerships and several other strategies.
Alcor M&A is a leading advisory firm providing financial services with an emphasis on customized solutions in the areas of M&A advisoryJoint Venture AdvisoryFinancial Advisory,  Private EquityDebt Financing  and International Business Development. These services leverages insights, relationships and a culture that emphasizes a strong orientation towards excellence.
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