Thursday, 20 July 2017

How to Finance a Management Buyout

Today, thousands of employees despite long working hours, stress and pressures constantly dream of becoming a boss of their own and day by day most of them are converting it into reality also. The management buy-out attraction is that business owners have an option of buying a business they know inside out rather than setting up from scratch.  

An MBO (Management Buyout) is also preferred way out to the problem of management succession in private or publicly owned business. Although trade sale is one the options but a profitable business is run by excellent management. This may create a better opportunity for the management team that exists to raise funds for purchasing the business. Stability of good management decreases the risk of the buyer and the chance within that business compels the management team to fight with trade buyers. In fact, an MBO is considered to be the best way for managers to be the owner of their business but the process is quite complex in the transaction. Often it has been observed that the process is severely demanding and simultaneously managers also need to run their business.

If for the first time, any management team is considering a buyout then they should follow these initial steps:

·         Organize main transaction objectives on a precise briefing paper.
·         Get hold of preliminary, self-determining advice on the project feasibility.
·         Be practical in the business valuation.
·         Think about for how long and how much finance is needed.
·         Consider monetary priorities and explore all available financing options.
·         Always keep in mind that the business plan can stand up to the scrutiny of a potential funder.
·         Take on due diligence to measure areas of financial and commercial risk.
·         While negotiating, be conscious with the vendor’s objectives.
·         Keep calm and have the patient as at some stages, the transaction may encounter problems.
·         Don’t spend time on the business deal at the cost of existing commitments.

      Funding Alternatives

Most of the conventional financing options used by smaller organizations for covering operational expenditure are not appropriate for financing an MBO. Overdrafts are inappropriate; generally they are temporary funding arrangements and long term loans are only an option. If a business owner is unable to repay the money which he wants to raise for the shorter duration, then long-term funding source may be the answer. Also, it has been observed that few individuals use personal equity for financing an MBO. The key benefit is that a person is not indebted to other business. However, this might be risky and in the case of business, failure can leave the person critically out of pocket and in the worst-case situation the person will be bankrupt.

Most commonly, the funding source related with management buy-outs is venture capital. Traditionally, as company owners have sought financing sources for their business all the way through bank loans or overdrafts while considering an MBO, management teams may normally look for the venture capitalist. However, venture capitalists will generally request for a seat on the board and a considerable stake in the business and most entrepreneurs dislike the plan of handing a part of their company to an angel investor. Moreover, debtor finance permits management buyout teams to borrow against the sum owed by customers. Also, it can fill the gap among what the bank will lend and what management can afford and help persons to avoid investing larger amounts of private equity. With the accurate financial support and skilled advice, an MBO can be very satisfying and proffer a lifetime opportunity for taking ownership of known business and seeing it thriving and succeeding.

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